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What is Oriolus?

Oriolus Program brings world-class opportunities closer to international students and young professionals in healthcare and data engineering. We connect educational institutions and global companies to talented young people through learning and internship programmes in clinical data management, various healthcare specialisations and medical studies.

Study in Europe online or in person

Oriolus Program is specifically designed to offer intensive training programs, where students can learn specific skills and prepare for their next step and a professional in the fields of medicine and/or data engineering, while making valuable connections with likeminded people globally. 

Available programs are such as…

  • Clinical data management courses with internship possibilities
  • Professional certificate programmes for healthcare professionals
  • Accredited medical school preparation courses
  • Job shadowing and professional networking programs
  • Innovative medical courses

Experience in Europe, designed professionally

The Oriolus team has over 15 years of experience in international education and the study abroad field globally and we are proud to bring it all together in these intensive learning programs. Students of Oriolus get:

Detailed pre-program preparation

Continuous language and program success support

Professional trainer and coach for soft-skills’ development guidance

Expert training course and project-work guidance for hard-skills’ development

Certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation for successful participants

Access to the alumni program

Online courses, on-site professional experience and program success support

During the various programs, students participate in activities that enrich their lives and they get knowledge and improve skills that are in high demand in top universities and top companies such as:

interactive online courses

accredited educational programs

remote and on-site internship possibilities

virtual and on-site study visits

direct connections to practicing professionals

Study in Europe while improving professional skills and intercultural competencies

Oriolus Program is a unique way to study in Europe, as we provide an intensive learning experience with only 4-12 weeks of engagement, online and offline. At Oriolus, we focus on developing skills and nurturing experiences that are required for the jobs of the future. We believe that the world is like a puzzle: The more pieces you have, you understand the whole picture better. Let us give you the puzzle piece to understand your chosen professional field and Europe.

By the end of their chosen course, participants of the Oriolus Program…

understand a new segment of a profession in high demand

develop unique competencies

are prepared to work in multicultural teams

understand the European way of thinking and European business etiquette

Featured Programs:

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Program Overview:

Clinical Data Management course

Length: 12 weeks

Dates available:

Summer 2020

Fall 2020

The course includes:

Complete online learning program in data science management

Professional tutoring and mentoring

Remote internship at a European healthcare technology company

Applications are open!

Oriolus Online Info Day

15 May 2020 07:00 PM (GMT+5:30) – Online on Zoom

Study Online

Use modern technologies of online learning

Improve Skills

Learn skills that are in high demand at top companies with a professional trainer

Find Yourself

Explore your unique personality and competencies with a professional coach

Explore cultures

Get to know the European work cultures for better employment possibilities


Meet practicing professionals from your chosen field

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